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It is important to us that the community we serve has the information they need to make informed decisions about their health. Read More ...


Owner Susan Feavearyear, gained her knowledge of plants through studying with herbalists and healers all over the world; from shamans and curanderas, to aboriginal healers and herbal advocates. Read More...


Artemisia Herbs is your local source for ethical herbal medicine. We have been formulating traditional, locally sourced products for your body for almost 30 years.

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Biogregional Community Integrity Intuition

It is our priority to practice informed bioregional herbalism within our community, providing artisanal herbal products from farm to tincture. Our products feature locally sourced herbs, many of which are endemic to New Mexico. By using wild and cultivated herbs, we can provide an apothecary that suits the needs to each individual.

We carry a diverse offering of products, from herbal medicinals to bath and body. Each product is hand crafted in small batches to maintain purity and strength.

Community Supported Apothecary (CSA)

Featured Products


Body Butter

This combination of organic shea butter, olive oil, apricot kernel oil, vitamin E oil, calendula and lavender essential oil is a deeply nourishing balm for the entire body but especially for the neck, breasts and hips, attending to wrinkles, stretch marks and scar tissue.


Floral Facial Serum

A beautiful serum made with wildcrafted rose petals, rose hips and resin-rich calendula flowers infused in unrefined apricot kernel oil. Hydrating, nutritive and restorative for all skin types. Use regularly, this serum restores vitality and suppleness to the face. Especially effective when used with our Lavender Bliss.


Osha Honey

A must for the winter months, this medicinal honey can be used for coughs, colds, flu, the immune system and stomach aches; also great on toast and oatmeal. Children love it!


From our blog

Whats Up With Fluid Extracts

Fluid extracts differ from tinctures, in that they are a double extraction method using both alcohol and water to pull out not only medicinal qualities of a plant, but the nutrients as well. A typical tincture, is an extration method using only alcohol (and distilled water depending on the type of alcohol used). Fresh tinctures…

Wild Wednesday – Populus

Family Salicaceae Native Habitat: Most of the Northern Hemisphere Populus fremontii or the Populus deltoides subsp. wislizeni, there appears to be some debate over the exact category of our New Mexican Cottonwood. Cottonwoods grow to an average of 100ft, they boast a broad canopy and characteristically whimsical and massive trunks. On average they have a…

Herb of the Month – Arctium lappa

Burdock Family: Asteraceae Related to: Artichoke, Native Habitat: Europe, Asia, and has been naturalized in most regions throughout the United States Parts Used: Leaves, Roots, Seeds Growing Conditions: Moist, rich soils with full sun   Burdock has been long used across the globe, from its prolific use as a staple in Asian cuisine, included as a bitter agent in beer prior…

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Meet the Team

Susan is the OG Artemisia. She has owned and operated the business for over 30 years, providing exceptional herbal products and consultation.
Susan Feavearyear
Owner & Herbalist
Sara manages all things Artemisia, from overseeing production, ordering, customer service, to answering herbal questions, she's your gal.
Sara Digby
Business Manager & herbalist
Artemisia would not be the same without Kate, from packing orders, filling product, quality control, to being an amazing granny, Kate does it it all.
Kate Feavearyear
Quality Control Specialist & Granny


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