Artemisia Herbs est. 1992

Since it’s establishment in 1992, Artemisia Herbs has maintained a strong presence as a loyal provider of locally sourced, ethically wildcrafted and organically grown plant medicine within New Mexico. Artemisia Herbs is founded on the principle that quality is more essential than quantity. We pride ourselves in the history of a bioregional, sustainable herbal company that continues to inspire, support and benefit those it reaches. 

Deeply informed by the intelligence of the plants themselves, we carefully blend by hand in small batches. We are a small crew who work together to craft products which maintain an energetic integrity from farm to medicine. Our herbs are sourced primarily from a family owned farm in Dixon, NM and backyard growers and wildcrafters who care intimately for the plants they grow and harvest. 

We love to hear from our customers. Come see us at the Downtown Grower’s Market on Saturdays throughout the Fall in Albuquerque, at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market year round, or give us a call! 

Owner, Herbalist

Owner Susan Feavearyear, gained her knowledge of plants through studying with herbalists and healers all over the world, including studying at Michael Moore’s Southwest School of Botanical Medicine. Susan has traveled and studied with shamans, curanderas, aboriginal healers and herbal advocates world-wide; these experiences continue to inform Susan’s formulations and the quality she exudes through Artemisia Herbs. Along with being present for the operations of the business, Susan has a private practice offering wellness consultations, transformational healing and spiritual counseling.

Business Manager

Sara’s passion and innate desire to work with plants and people has long driven her professional pursuits. Her undergraduate studies focused on business and ecological agriculture, and since graduating she has helped to develop and promote various programs within a number of organizations.

With a background in farming, herbalism, botany, and outreach, she enjoys using her skills promote holistic health and advocate for healthy ecosystems and communities. Originally from Washington state, and having moved frequently throughout her life, she has a diverse background working with different plant communities ranging from temperate rainforest to high desert. She continues to expand her knowledge of herbalism, nutrition, and ecology as it relates to us and the earth and is excited to share this with others.

Our Inspiration and spiritual muse

The late Kate Feavearyear is no long with us physically, but we feel her daily at the lab, as we pour the lavender bliss, mix herbs, and sell at the markets.  With her enthusiasm and dedication to helping her daughter make her dream a reality, Kate was there through the many phases of the business.  Her skills ranged from keeping all of us in check to making sure all of the products are poured, packaged, and ready to sell.  Her attention to detail and demand for perfection helped the business to be what it is.  If you ever had gone to the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market, you would have known her when you see her with the lavender bliss spray in her hand and her British charm. RIP OG.


We pride ourselves on continuously sourcing our herbs fresh, and/or local as much as possible. We work with local growers throughout New Mexico, as well as other states to get the freshest herbs possible, and always purchase organic or ethically wildcrafted from whenever we buy from.

Did you know that New Mexico is made up of 8 different eco-regions? This amazing state is incredibly diverse with plant life, allowing a variety of growing conditions for many types of plants to thrive!  For example, did you know that you can grow passionflower here? Or turmeric, ginger, and gotu kola? Our growers make it possible.

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