Since it’s establishment in 1992, Artemisia Herbs has maintained a strong presence as a loyal provider of locally sourced, ethically wildcrafted and organically grown plant medicine within New Mexico. Artemisia Herbs is founded on the principle that quality is more essential than quantity. We pride ourselves in the history of a bioregional, sustainable herbal company that continues to inspire, support and benefit those it reaches. Our products feature locally sourced herbs, many of which are native to New Mexico. By using wild and cultivated herbs, we can provide an apothecary that suits the needs of each individual.

Deeply informed by the intelligence of the plants themselves, we carefully blend by hand in small batches. We are a small crew who work together to craft products which maintain an energetic integrity from farm to medicine. Our herbs are sourced primarily from a family owned farm in Dixon, NM and backyard growers and wildcrafters who care intimately for the plants they grow and harvest. Meet our Growers!

We only work with companies we trust, farms we know, and wild crafters who understand the ways of ethical harvest. In doing so, we are able to uphold our vision to provide integrity within our products and an authentic relationship to our clients.

We cannot do this alone! It is through partnerships with our farms, local community, and clientele that we can provide real products for real people. Without you, we could never become the company we are today.

We love to hear from our customers. Come see us at the Downtown Grower’s Market on Saturdays throughout the Fall in Albuquerque, at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market year round, or give us a call!