"People spend a lot of time complaining about products and services, but too often don't make an effort to praise what does work well. So, I'd like to take a moment to thank you, thank you, thank you, for your incredible Healing Salve!

A few years ago, a friend gave me some of her Healing Salve to use on one of my rescue dogs that had gotten a puncture wound. I took him to the vet and his wound was irrigated, cleaned and stitched up, but my friend suggested that applying Healing Salve to the would could also help expedite the healing process and it certainly did. He would healed faster than anything I had previously experienced when dealing with "owes" amongst our many dog and cat fosters and rescues.

That's when I realized that your salve was something special and so very effective. I've used it countless times since then on all of our animals for myriad things, as well as on humans. When my husband had a bad fall last year and landed on his face on concrete with abrasions all down the front of his face, the first thing I turned to when cleaning up his wounds was applying the Healing Salve to his face. We were both astounded that his scrapes and abrasions cleared within a few days.

It's now my go-to gift to give friends and family around the country. I tell them they need to keep it in their first aid arsenal for their pets, their children and themselves!

Thank you again for making this safe, organic miracle product!"

"I have been using several products since January from Artemisia Herbs for my severe eczema. I can't say enough about how they have helped! The Skin tonic is incredible as well as the Rio Grande Salve for current eruptions. Also the Healing Salve has actually softened the scar tissued damaged skin on my arms. Can't say enough about these wonderful products Artemisia Herbs!"

"When I was recently diagnosed with a lung condition, Susan was a wonderful asset.  She knew what questions to ask, she not only made me a special compound, but recommended other treatments that she did not sell herself, and was honest and realistic in discussing what I could expect from the treatment.  After a few months I can feel, and scientifically measure, an improvement in my lung function.  She is knowledgeable, caring, and thorough, and I would recommend Susan to anyone."



"My body was literally dying : energetically, physically, emotionally ... I met with Susan & she sent me away with a basket of herbs. I came back to life & back into my body."