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Artemisia Herbs is your local source for ethical herbal medicine. We have been formulating traditional, locally sourced products for your body for almost 30 years. Each is made with love and the intention to heal. Part of our model is to partner with local community members to help make quality, bioregional products.

Our farms

Dixon, NM is the source of our home-grown lavender which is distilled, infused, tinctured, and dried for our nourishing Bath and Body line.

For The Love of Bees; Peñasco, NM

Our dear friend Heather provides over half of our local herbs for us. She grows the gorgeous high-resin calendula that gives our oils and salves such vibrant color and healing properties as well as borage, nettles, burdock, comfrey, and many others. Read more…

Nepantla Farms; Los Ranchos, NM

Sean and Mimi Ludden provide us with potent viral herb, Echinacea Purpurea for our various immune formulas such as the famous Echinacea/Osha Compound. They also grow beautiful chamomile, catnip, and california poppy. All potent nervines.

All of our herbalists are experienced ethical wildcrafters and spend the summer and fall seasons gathering wild herbs such as piñon and wild oregano for our Osha Cough Syrup and Piñon Vinegar.

Please feel free to ask about our sources, processes, and products.


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