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Nepantla Farms

Six years ago we found a historic farmstead with the potential for restoration.  After many seasons of cover crops, digging ditches to carry water, planting trees, and trials of different herbs we are expanding our ability to bring unique and healing herbs to your home and business.      

With over 2 acres of valley soil to grow a wide variety of botanicals, we look forward to expanding our production in years to come.  Like fresh produce, many of our herbs are only available freshly harvested in short windows when their constituents are in peak strength.  

Farm Stand Thank and Trust


Farm Stand Thank and Trust is a tiny urban farm in Albuquerque, with a rather long name.
Thankful is what we try to remember to be about the past, and trusting toward the future. While standing fully in the present.
We grow ginger, turmeric, and galangal for sale in two greenhouses.





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For the Love of Bees

Heather Harrell is the owner of For the Love of Bees Farm, a two acre certified organic farm in Penasco, NM.  She grows a diverse array of vegetables, medicinal herbs, and honeybee forage species.  She also tends honeybees in top-bar hives and is the co-author of Top-Bar Beekeeping, Organic Practices for Honeybee Health, published by Chelsea Green in 2012.

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Adaptations Farm