Herbal Salves

All of our salves are in an olive oil and beeswax base are are 2oz. net volume. 

Calendula - Calendula, the friendly flower full of color.  Soft enough for baby bottom rash, and strong enough to stave off scaring, this flower can help heal the skin in a myriad of ways.

Chaparral - Native to New Mexico, you can smell the unique aroma of chaparral as you make your way south through the state.  This plant brings a green color to the otherwise seemingly "brownness" that we drive by.  You can tell many of the qualities of chaparral just by the scent of this bush, which come through in this salve as an alley to sun damaged skin or strange unknown rashes.

Healing Salve - A blend of herbs working together to heal and strengthen the skin.  Herbs include comfrey leaves, lavender flowers, st. john's wort flowers, calendula flowers, lavender essential oil.  A perfect salve for everyday use during those dry winter months or as a preventative year round.

Rio Grande Salve - Our 100% wild crafted salve! All these herbs are found in the up in the forested hills and down in the drylands of the New Mexico landscape.  A helpful hand for those pesky cut, nasty bug bites, or fungal foes, this salve includes chaparral, osha root, yerba mansa root, usnea, and sagebrush.

Trementina - This salve is a traditional remedy for us here in New Mexico, and has been used by the locals for many years. This salve contains piñon pine sap, traditionally used for its drawing qualities.

Herbal Oils

Our oils are an olive oil base (with the exception of the lavender) and typically come in 2oz. bottles.  Please let us know if you would like to purchase a larger quantity.

Arnica - For achy sore muscles, arnica flowers are widely known for their effectiveness to combat pain and bruising. Do not use this where skin is broken.

Arnica Hypericum - A unique blend of arnica, hypericum and white sage; this trifecta works together to ease the body of aches and pains, muscle tension, or nerve issues, or other physical trauma to the body.

Breast Oil - Our Breast Oil contains herbs such as Red Clover and Burdock Seed to help release and flush the lymph nodes located in the breasts. This is essential for many hormonal and self-regulation actions as well as for preventing growths. A great daily (or biweekly) practice for all women as a self-love/massage. Other herbs include calendula flowers, st. john's wort flowers, dandelion flowers,  piñon needles, as well as essential oils of sweet orange, ravensara, and palmarosa.

Calendula - Follows the same lines as the salve, but in an oil form.

ChaparralFollows the same lines as the salve, but in an oil form.

Ear Drops - A traditional formula, safe for children and adults alike soothes an ear infection. Warm the oil to room temperature, apply within the ear, and lie down with a hot compress over the ear as this blend of garlic, st. john's wort, and mullein flowers does its magic!

Hypericum - Also known as St. Johns wort, but not to be confused with the ornamental version!  You can tell a true St. Johns wort plant, because the delicate little flower petals will stain your fingers red.  This is what gives the oil such a deep maroon color.  Rub it into your skin to calm nerve pain.

Lavender - This beautiful blend is comprised of our own hand picked lavender flowers steeped in apricot kernel oil and blended with lavender essential oil locally distilled with our lavender.  Used for bath and body, it calms the body and uplifts the spirit.

White Sage - Traditionally used for spiritual cleansing and purification, this sage, native to California, can be used in the bath as an incense or for self massage.

Herbal Liniments

What is a liniment you might ask? A liniment is a topical remedy, often alcohol or oil based, which help to relieve pain, stiffness, strains or other ailments.  Both of our liniments are alcohol based, and come in 2oz. net volume.

Muscle Ease Herbal Liniment - A blend of arnica, st. john's wort, and white sage. Do not use this where skin is broken.

Itch Away - Formally known as our Posion Ivy formula, this blend of herbs helps ease itch and rashes associated with skin irritated from external sources such as poison ivy, poison oak etc. Can be used externally, as well as taken internally.