Energetically and spiritually, wood betony provides protection from spirits with ill intent, and provides us with clarity in times of uncertainty. It helps us regain connection with our innate intuition and strengthens our ability to follow it. Wood betony has long been used energetically and continues to be used today.

What is a flower essence?

You may have seen or heard of flower essences, most notably from Bach Flower Essences, Rescue Remedy etc. but did you know you can build a wonderful relationship to plants by making your own? Flower essences resonate with the spiritual and energetic sides of our being, and can work in tandem with other modalities of plant medicine.

There is much information out there on flower essences, and it is quite an interesting read. THey do not resonate with everyone, but for those that do, they can be a powerful ally.


  • Flower of your choice
  • Distilled water, or if you are lucky, water from a spring – try not to use tap water
  • Brandy (or other preservative, this is a common one for flower essences)
  • Glass Bowl
  • Mother Bottle (8oz. or 16oz.) & Stock Bottle (2oz.)
  • Clippers and something to move the flowers

To Make:

Flower essences are a very intuitive process, and therefore it is slightly different for everyone. So, do some research, experiment, and find your own personal way to make yours. Here are some suggestions and general instructions.

  1. Harvest the flowers off the plant on a sunny day, careful to touch them as little as possible, ideally not at all
  2. Fill glass bowl with water and gently place the flowers on top of the water (they do not need to be submerged, it is best that they rest on the surface)
    • Note: Some people do not put the flowers on the water, rather they let them sit next to the water bowl
  3. Let sit in the sun for 2-3 hours
    • Note: The amount of time the flowers sit can vary. Try to make sure no shade covers the bowl during this time
  4. Prepare your “mother bottle” and “stock bottle”
    • Mother Bottle (this is what your stock bottle is made from): Fill the bottle halfway with alcohol
    • Stock Bottle: Fill the bottle with alcohol
  5. Remove flowers from water bowl (remember, try to not touch them yourself)
  6. Fill the remainder of the Mother Bottle with the water (it should be half and half)
  7. Taken seven drops from the Mother Bottle and drop them into the stock bottle. Shake vigorously to activate.

The stock bottle is what you will use daily, and will replenish in this same way from the Mother Bottle. Remember to shake each time before use.

Have a joyous and abundant harvest season, friends.