Commonly known as lousewort, this plant is found in open forest throughout Canada and North America. It has long, lanceolate, reddish green leaves that can grow quite large when happy. Midsummer gives way to an eruption of yellow or purple tubular flowers forming upon a sturdy stalk. In our tradition of herbalism, the plant is used as a muscular relaxant and pain reliever.

Effective on muscular restlessness effecting sleep, causing stress, or compounding anxiety. It is also helpful in strains and injuries. For more information on Pedicularis, check out 7songs article.

A note on migraines: These debilitating headaches are still in the process of being understood. There are a variety of causes and conditions that can cause migraines from sleep to hormones to actual nerve dysfunction in the brain. Our own MigraCalm formula is designed to help with musculoskeletal pain and tension, and allow proper blood flow to reach the effected area. If you experience chronic migraines, we suggest tracking them and the context to their occurrence (altitude, diet, caffeine, hormonal cycles, exhaustion, etc.) in addition to speaking with a medical professional. We hope to learn more about this symptom as well.  According the Medical New Today, around 12 percent of Americans suffer from migraines – that’s around 36 million people!

We hope to do our part in helping. So, if you resonated with any of the various symptoms and difficulties listed above, please let us know. We would love to help.