What a great gift it is when that which you seeks, finds you first. Yesterday, we were having trouble coming up with an herb for Wildcrafting Wednesday. Shortly after leaving the lab, I decided to venture out into the woods to get a bit closer to the source and see if that plant itself would call to me. Lo and Behold! Clematis vine was a-bloomin’, and gorgeously at that. If you have not experienced the energetics of a Clematis flower, I encourage you to do so. The many varietals of this plants make it accessible amongst many places of the world – more specifically, North America, Europe, and Asia.

The vine itself is a perennial, trifoliate, lavender-coloured flowered plant with numerous bright yellow stamen. It can be found flowering in spring and early summer (depending on your region), and is best harvested as the blooms begin to emerge.

Though, the leaf and root bark are most classically used, we find that the perfect combination of energetic and constituent nervine effects are achieved through tincturing the arial parts during the flowering period and utilizing as a tonic for nervous pain and tension – specific to the cranial area.
To harvest, simply find a prolific patch of vine in a clean, wooded area, and gather by gently tugging at the leaf and flower clusters – remembering to leave enough for the birds and faeries – and tincture fresh at a 1:2 ratio. Take note, thee migraine-sufferers, this vine is a solid remedy for you. Use at onset and consequentially in small doses during the episode.

Happy harvesting, y’all.