Wildcrafting Wednesday
Happy Wildcrafting Wednesday!

This week, we’ve been loving red clover (Trifolium Pratense). If you follow us on any of our other streams (Newsletter, herb-of-the-month, etc.), you’ve seen that we’re rather into “cleansing” herbs as of late. Herbs which gently encourage and enable the body to purge the inevitable build-up of toxins incurred simply by existing in the modern day. I have a feeling we will be highlighting the more complex benefits of this herb in a future newsletter, so I will get right to the part we’re all here for – wildcrafting!
Trifolium Pratense is part of the rather large legume family – Fabaceae. You can find this brightly-flowering ground cover amongst other grasses and alfalfas. She loves moist fields with plenty of sun and is a favourite amongst grazers all across the Americas – this plant is literally everywhere.
Early to Mid summer, find a field that is preferably not soiled by cow patties and simply pluck a handful of flowers (leave some for the bees). These can then be spread out in a basket and dried in a shady spot to be used later for tea or an infused oil for topical lymph flushing. We prefer the tincture – to be taken as a tonic or in any moment of toxic build-up.
Good harvesting, friends!