Wildcrafting Wednesday usually brings you a wildcrafting adventure. This week we will be doing things a little differently.
Usually, we highlight a wild herb that we use here in the lab. We thought – with spring here in all her tender juiciness, it might be fun to do wild edible!
A local favorite, known as Quelites, or Lamb’s Quarters, is a great specimen. Hardy and prolific, this leafy green is often torn from gardens as a pesky weed.
This tall annual has a neutral, nutty taste and can be substituted for both fresh and cooking greens.
Where: Chinopodium Album – native to North America, Europe, and Asia. Can be found growing in urban gardens, mountain ledges, fields, and virtually anywhere else.
Identification: This plant has a square stem with mirrored leaf growth and small, pillbug flowers. Recognized by the spade-shaped, greenish-grey leaves with small, downy hairs.
When: Can be harvested anytime between the two frosts, but preferably during the springtime to gain the highest nutrients and the most tender, raw leaves.
Bonus: To sound like a true Native New Mexican, pronounce Khe-Lee-Tes.
Oh! And put it in your enchiladas!
That’s it, folks.
Till next time.