Herb of The MonthThis months featured herb of the month is the beloved flu remedy is in the carrot family, the same family as Osha, and there are around 75 species located throughout the Western U.S!  It is highly resinous and is an extremely effective antiviral. There are countless folk stories of lomatium having saved entire communities during influenzas, as it was traditionally used as a food staple.  The fresh root can be chewed to ease a sore throat, infused as a tea, however it is best tinctured to break down the water-insoluble resinous constituents for your body’s absorption.  Topically, lomatium is traditionally used to treat skin conditions.  It can be made into a poultice and placed on swellings, sprains, or rashes.

One particular thing to note when wild crafting, is that many non-toxic members of the carrot family can be mistaken for poisonous members such as water hemlock, so take care that you are sure this is the correct plant being harvested.

If you are interested in learning more, the USDA NRCS has a nice article on this herb, and covers information on how to identify it read the article.